How To Survive A Worldwide Pandemic

A worldwide pandemic is one of the few things that can kill people in large numbers. The last pandemic that hit the world and caused the death of over 50 million people was the Spanish flu.

The scariest thing about a pandemic is that it can spread quite easily. The disease-carrying virus travels from person to person and spread across continents. What’s even worse is that such viruses and bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and antiviral medications.

While individuals cannot do anything to stop a pandemic from starting, they can prepare themselves for the situation to survive the outbreak.

Here is what you can do to survive an outbreak.

Paying attention to news on diseases and viruses

A viral outbreak becomes news after infecting thousands of people. That is why you have to pay attention to such news. Watching or listening to such news may give you enough time to act and get prepared for the situation. The chances of you getting infected will decrease significantly if you act fast.

Staying at home

Staying at home is the hardest thing to do when you must stick to your routine activities. Therefore, you will want to continue to go to your workplace and do everything you normally do even if there is an outbreak.

However, you will have to pause your daily activities and stay indoors if you want to stay safe from the pandemic. It could mean calling for an off from work and stopping going for other obligations. People will understand your need to stay at home if the pandemic is making the news.

Making your home germ-proof

While you may think that your home is safe from germs and disease, it is not. When there is a pandemic situation, germs can enter your home through doors and windows.

You may want to rely heavily on the air-conditioning system for a few days. Even then, germs can seep in through openings. The best way to make your home germ-proof is to seal all those openings with layers of plastic wrap and heavy-duty tape.

Secure all of your doors and window frames with these materials, except for the door you use for entering and leaving the house.

Helping an infected family member to recover

Having a sick family member at home during the pandemic can cause a lot of concern for other family members. You want to help that family member but do not want to get sick during the process. The good thing is that there are a lot of ways you can prevent getting sick. For this purpose, make sure to use gloves, facemask, and poncho whenever you have to get near the infected family member. The room where the sick family member rests should be isolated from the rest of the house. All your family members should refrain from entering that room until the patient is fully recovered. Make sure that only you and the patient can use this room.

With these precautions, you can survive a pandemic without getting infected. Since a pandemic is much like an emergency, you will have to do everything you do to prepare for emergency survival.