How To Survive A Winter Storm

A winter storm can result in high-speed winds and plenty of snowfall. People living in the areas that receive a lot of snowfall face a tough challenge, because they have to prepare for winter storms.

It may be worth mentioning here that the duration of a winter storm can be as short as a day, but it can have a devastating impact. It can also last a few days, disrupting normal life quite significantly. The best way is to stay prepared for a winter storm.

Here are a few tips to help you stay prepared.

Staying warm

Winters can result in freezing temperatures in areas that are more prone to receive storms. That is why you have to stay warm the entire time. The best way to ensure it is to stay indoors.

The first line of defense against freezing temperatures is warm clothing. You can wear clothing made of fleece or wool.

You will not be able to heat your house properly if the power goes out. In such cases, rudimentary insulating your home can prevent the indoor temperature from falling too much.

Another way to warm up your indoors is to start a fire outside and place some rocks in it. When those rocks are fully heated, bring them inside and place them on something that won’t catch fire. Avoid using river rocks because they already have some moisture, which prevents them from heating up adequately.

Preventing dehydration

You don’t want to run out of water supply during a winter storm. Running out of water means a higher risk of dehydration, which can turn out to be fatal.

Some people think of physical exertion to stay warm as an ideal survival trick. The fact of the matter is that this practice can cause you to sweat, which results in the loss of body fluids. It can cause you to dehydrate pretty quickly.

The best and easiest way to prevent dehydration is to stock water reserves at home. If you are gearing up for winter storm survival, make sure to store at least five days’ worth of drinkable water reserves for each person.

You can also bring some ice from outside and let it melt at room temperature. After it turns into water, purify it to make it drinkable. Be sure not to eat snow as it will waste some of your body’s heat to melt into water.

Stocking up on the survival gear

Since you will have to stay at your home until the winter storm is over, you will be relying on the stockpile you already have in your home. It means that getting the right gear is an utmost necessity to ensure your survival during any kind of emergency. This survival gear usually includes warm clothes, batteries, water, and food.


While you may be unable to use your landline phone due to disrupted lines during a winter storm, you may still use the cellular network. That is why it is crucial to keep your phone charged the entire time. Add power banks to your survival kit to keep your phone filled up with its battery juice.