Four Ways Through Which You Can Build Campfire

During a camping or hiking trip, you will need fire to cook your food and to get warm. Thus, lighting up the fire could be difficult at trip stations. They will require some tools and techniques. Once you lit up the fore, you will need some tactics to keep it going. First, you must mull over which type of fire and for what purpose you need it. Then, it will be easier to start it and utilize it in a better way.

The primary struggle will be starting of the fire. Because of the wind and water, you might face several problems and hurdles. For campfires, you will have to pay attention to the side of the wind, rain, weather, and many other characteristics. Here are some kinds of fire, you can light up during your trip.

  1. Lean-To Campfire

This is an easy campfire to build. When you have windy weather around you, it will be hard to light up the fire; thus, you need an effortless way. Here you can light up lean-to-fire. You will require a large fuel log that will act as a windshield. It can change the direction of air and allow to burn off the campfire. 

Place this fuel log on the ground (on the point where you want to burn your fire). Now put the tinder alongside it. Well, the direction should be opposite of the wind. Now, you need a prop, just like twigs. It will help you in kindling the fuel logs. This should have one end on rest on the fuel log and the other end on the ground. It should have a tinder underneath. The next step will be the placement of larger sticks of kindling on top of the smaller ones. Now, everything is ready to get fire.

  1. Log Cabin Campfire

This is a difficult method to kindle the fire. You will require a lot of effort to set it up. This campfire allows for increased airflow. In this case, you need to place the tinder on the ground at the point you want to light up the fire. Now, you need to stack sticks around it. Through these sticks create a wall on all four sides.

When the sticks and tinder come on the same height, lay down some small twigs across the opening point, i.e. above the tinder to utilize it as kindling.

  1. Star Campfire

When you cannot cut the fuel logs and make them shorter, then you can use the start campfire method. It does not waste your logs. Otherwise, you will have to cut them short and throw the extra fuel log. Use star campfire to slowly feed it. You need to arrange the fuel logs and bring them together on a single point. Choose a center like the spokes of the wheel. Make sure you are leaving a small opening in the center. Thus, it would have enough room to put your tinder and kindling. These logs can shield your tinder from airspeed. And help in lighting up the fire. When you feel the fire is coming down, you can go close to the logs and push them inward through your feet.

  1. Teepee Campfire

The teepee campfire is the primary and common way of lighting up fire during camping. Thus, almost everyone knows about this kind and technique. When there is no speedy wind or rainy weather, then in normal circumstances you can easily build this up. Even you can kindle this campfire quickly. You need to lean several sticks against each other. Create a cone shape and hold each other up. Push all the ends of the sticks into the ground and then you need some extra stability for the coned shape sticks. You need to build a huge cone shape by continue putting these sticks. Just turn on the lighter now, and your campfire is ready.


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