Use Plantain as Medicine – Here are Some Tips and Ways

Nature has given us so many useful products and plants. They have healing ability through which you can survive so many diseases, injuries, and infections. However, many of the plants are taken as weeds. Thus, some people remove such plants and herbs from their gardens. Well, before plucking them out, you should know their worth and usefulness.

The first plant is weed. You might have heard this name in negative words. Thus, before making a wrong perception about such herbs, you should know their plus points. Discover what is in your lawn and backyard plants. Today, we shall learn and study some common weeds called plantain that grows in your own home and beneficial also.

  1. Broad Leaf Plantain

The scientific name of broadleaf plantain is Plantago Major. Well, when it comes to the structure of these leaves, they have wide leaves with 3 – 5 veins. Moreover, the flowering portion of the broad leaves plantain is long and narrow at the same time. The image of a single leaf is above on the right.

  1. Narrow Leaf Plantain

The scientific name of the three plants is Plantago Lanceolata. It is opposite to the broad leave plantain. They have narrow and long leaves. However, the flowering part of the plant is narrow and shorter than the broad leaves.

Benefits and Survivals of Plantain

Here are some organic treatments and benefits of this natural plantain. Many of you are unaware of the uses of these plants and weeds. However, they are helpful in the following ways.

  1. Treat Bug Bites

You can be a victim of a bug, tick, snake, spider, or venomous insect bite. Now, you can use these plantains as an anti-toxin and anti-venom factor.

  1. Soothes Burns

When you get burnt, you need some sudden treatment. The most organic way is to put aloe gel on the burn mark. Another way is to keep a small piece of raw potato on the burnt mark. Some people have burn cream at their home; thus, you can apply that also. However, in case, you do not have any of the above remedies, then you can use plantain for this. It is the best substitute you can have to get relief from the burning pain.

  1. Treat Pneumonia

People who have pneumonia or any other respiratory problems like lung infections, allergies, and asthma should use plantain. This is one of the best organic remedies to treat lung diseases and breathing problems. Many people do not know about this remedy. As they do not have an idea of plantain’s this benefit. 

  1. It can Stop Bleeding

It also helps in halt bleeding from wounds. This works as a natural bandage and slows down the flow of blood. Moreover, the plantain also aids in the healing of wounds faster.

  1. It Works as an Anti-Inflammatory

Plantain is a plant that can work as an anti-inflammatory remedy. When you have swelling on any part of the body due to bites or stings, then you can use plantain as an organic remedy. It will give you relief from pain and reduce swelling. Also, when you have allergies on the skin or rashes due to mosquito bites or any other cause, you can use plantain to reduce these effects.

  1. Disinfect Wounds

It is an organic antibiotic. It can work as a disinfected medicine. If you have seasonal allergies like flu and cold, you can use this to treat your cold. Take steam of the plantain. Moreover, it can also treat the infections that can come from wounds. Use this natural herb on your injury and then wrap it.


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